F1 Betting Sites UK: A Comprehensive Guide to Betting on Formula 1 (2023)

There are plenty of fantastic Formula 1 betting sites UK punters can use, but which ones are best? The concept of best is, of course, relative but, when it comes to F1 favourites, there are some bookies that race to the front of the pack.

This guide not only reveals the top five Formula 1 betting sites but how to get maximum value redlining your engine. With that clear, let’s race our way through the twists and turns of F1 sports betting…

Formula 1 is ranked up there with the most popular sports in the world. According to the official stats, F1 viewing figures for 2021 were up 4% from the previous season. The cumulative worldwide TV audience was 1.55 billion, and the season final (the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix) attracted 108 million viewers.

During the same season, UK Formula 1 viewing figures averaged 3.48 million per race. When you combine these stats with the fact online gambling in the UK generates £6.4 billion in revenue each year, you can see why F1 betting is big business.

Formula 1 betting

November 14, 2023

Our Top Picks – 5 Best F1 Betting Sites UK (2023)

Which Formula 1 betting sites are the best? We’ve scoured the market, tested every licensed UK sportsbook and, based on our expert insights, these are the top F1 betting sites:

  1. 888Sport
  2. Unibet
  3. BetVictor
  4. Bet365
  5. Betway

888Sport F1 Betting

Top F1 Betting Feature: Top 5 racing bets feature

888Sport Welcome Bonus: 100% deposit match up to £200


  • Great-looking interface that’s slick on all devices
  • Quick overview of the hottest F1 bets
  • Solid odds for outrights and prop bets


  • Needs to cover a few more in-race betting markets

888Sport is the place to bet on Formula 1 if you want hot picks. In terms of value and the markets covered, there’s little to complain about. The software is slick, and you’ll get just as much added value (if not more) at 888Sport as you will at the rest of our top-rated F1 betting sites. However, in our opinion, this sportsbook stands out because it provides hot picks for upcoming races.

Basically, you use the website or mobile app, 888’s F1 betting hub has a “top 5” picks at the top of the page. These picks are based on the amount of betting activity they’ve attracted, current form and expert insights. In other words, they’re not just the drivers with the shortest odds. This is a great feature for F1 fans who want some inspiration and guidance.

Unibet F1 Betting

Top F1 Betting Feature: Odds for Formula 1 and Formula 2

Unibet Welcome Bonus: Get up to £40 back if your first bet loses + a £10 casino bet


  • Slick mobile-first design
  • Focuses on a wide range of F1 and F2 races
  • Team specials


  • More F1 bonuses would be nice

Unibet leaves its proverbial tyre marks on the motor racing scene due to its holistic focus. By that we mean it covers all aspects of the Formula racing world. Formula 1 betting is in pole position, as you’d expect. However, becoming a real-money member means you also get access to Formula 2 betting markets.

Very few online sportsbooks cover motor racing at this level, so it’s a great app to use if you value variety. Specials also make Unibet special when it comes to F1 betting. We particularly like the fact you can browse a selection of specials for each F1 team. For a final flourish, Unibet offers new customers up to £40 if their first bet loses, while regular users get access to odds boosts, cashback bonuses and more.

BetVictor F1 Betting

Top F1 Betting Feature: F1 facts and stats for newbies

BetVictor Welcome Bonus: Bet £5 get £10


  • Competitive Formula 1 betting odds
  • Simple, efficient app design
  • Plenty of useful F1 facts and information


  • Could offer a few more betting markets

There are two reasons BetVictor is one of our F1 betting tips. Firstly, the website and app are extremely easy to use. All of the latest Formula 1 odds are presented in tables that run linearly down the page. This layout allows you to quickly find the best bets. The second reason we love BetVictor is its commitment to information and education.

The F1 hub not only contains a breakdown of how to bet on racing but stats and facts. For example, if you want to know what it’s called Formula 1, BetVictor has the answer. If you want to know the differences between the drivers’ and constructors’ championships, BetVictor has the answer. And, if you want to know the F1 racing schedule, BetVictor has the answer. Basically, if you’re a Formula 1 betting newbie, BetVictor is the perfect place to start.

Bet365 F1 Betting

Top F1 Betting Feature: Formula 1 bet boosts

Bet365 Welcome Bonus: Bet £10 in £30


  • Comprehensive coverage of all motorsports
  • Generous odds boosts
  • Plenty of F1 betting specials


  • Could have more F1-specific bonuses

bet365 is an interesting option for motorsport fans because, of all our top-rated Formula 1 betting sites, it has the broadest focus. Specifically, customers can bet on all the latest F1 races as well as Moto2 GP, rally driving, supercar specials and Formula E.

Bet365 is renowned for offering competitive lines on all sports and it’s no different when it comes to Formula 1. In fact, when you look through the latest Formula 1 odds, you’ll see that lines are constantly being moved. That’s due to bet365’s boosts. Boosts are brilliant, but they’re not the only way to get ahead at bet365. In addition to in-play markets, you can take advantage of early payouts and reload bonuses.


Top F1 Betting Feature: Make your own F1 bets with #BetYourWay

Betway Welcome Bonus: £30 matched bet


  • Covers all F1 events
  • Competitive odds
  • Create your own Formula 1 bets


  • Could have a few more betting markets

Betway is a Formula 1 betting app UK punters can tailor to their needs. We’ll get into why that’s the case in a moment. Before that, let’s set the foundation. This long-serving UK online sportsbook covers every F1 race. From the British Grand Prix to Monaco, Monza and Australia, you’ll always get the latest F1 odds at Betway.

This bookie also provides a comprehensive selection of Formula 1 betting markets, including season-long outrights. You’ve also got the option to bet race winners, lap times, and props such as how many times a team will pit during a race.

The main reason Betway is one of our top Formula 1 betting sites is #BetYourWay. This feature allows you to come up with your own bet, tweet it to @Betway and, if the oddsmakers like it, they’ll publish it. That, for us, is why Betway is a leading F1 sportsbook.

More Formula 1 betting sites to consider:

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How to Choose the Best F1 Betting Site?

We’ve revealed our top F1 betting sites for UK punters, so you could stop here and use our sign-up links to have some fun. However, there are plenty of alternatives if you want to explore the market. We believe educated punters are the best punters because they make sensible decisions.

So, in the interests of education, here are five things to think about when you’re choosing Formula 1 betting sites:

#1 – Odds and Offers

The first thing we’ll say is that all Formula 1 betting sites UK punters use should be licensed. We only recommend operators licensed and approved by the UK Gambling Commission. So, if an operator doesn’t have a UK licence, don’t use it.

Assuming it’s a legit sportsbook, make sure the odds and promo offers align with industry standards. There will be some variation between sportsbooks. However, you should be able to scan through an operator’s Formula 1 betting odds and compare them to others. Do the same for promotions to ensure there’s enough added value for racing fans.

#2 – Is the Software Slick?

Having generous odds and promo offers is great but, if you can’t find them within a few taps, they’re useless. The best online sportsbooks have software that’s optimised for all devices. The aesthetics should be appealing but not so distracting that you lose focus. We also like websites and apps that make use of tables, dropdown menus, and pop-ups.

#3 – You Need Safe Ways to Pay

Online sports betting is a real-money activity. It’s not like online casino gaming where you can play free demo games. The only way you can win money from F1 bets is to wager money. To do that, you need safe payment options.

All licensed UK sportsbooks are legally obligated to process payments securely and, in turn, hold your funds in ring-fenced accounts. To fulfil the first obligation, the top betting operators allow you to make payments using Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Skrill, Paysafecard and bank transfer.

#4 – Everyone Needs Support

You can’t overlook customer support. Even the best F1 sportsbooks have small glitches from time to time. In fact, even if the software is perfect, you might not know how to access certain features, or you may have questions about your account. Top operators know this, which is why they offer 24/7 customer support via email, live chat and phone.

#5 – Added Extras

The final things to look for in a Formula 1 online betting site are extras. Gambling is a competitive market, so every website and app needs a USP. For example, bet365 is big on live streams. BetVictor is best when it comes to F1 racing facts, while Betway allows you to create your own wagers. Put simply, you want sportsbooks that give you something extra. Some of the features to look out for are live streams, loyalty rewards, odds boosts, bet builders, custom bets and cashback deals.

There are various ways to bet on Formula 1 races. Pre-race wagers are the most popular but, as we’ll explain in the following section, live F1 betting markets are available online.

Before we talk about that, here are the most popular pre-race F1 bets:

  • Outright race winner
  • Drivers’ championship winner
  • Constructors’ championship winner
  • Driver to start in pole position
  • Driver vs. driver match-ups (pick the driver you think will finish higher than another)
  • Podium finisher (similar to each-way bets in horse racing)
  • Finishing/lap time over/under bets

In-Play Live F1 Betting

In-play Formula 1 betting markets aren’t only available before a race. Although live F1 bets aren’t as diverse as the in-play markets for sports such as football, there are ways to wager when races are in progress.

As it is with all live bets, the odds are constantly changing in line with a race’s dynamics. Therefore, you need to act and react accordingly to give yourself the best shot at making a successful bet. Some of the main ways to make live F1 bets are:

  • X driver to finish the lap over/under a certain time
  • X driver to complete the fastest lap
  • X driver to overtake Y drivers in a lap
  • X driver to lead the race after Y lap/s

It’s worth noting that you won’t be able to stream F1 races. TV rights are a big part of the sport, so online sportsbooks don’t offer F1 live streams like they do for football, tennis, cricket and other sports. You will, however, be able to keep tabs on the action using live updates and real-time animations.

Tips and Insights for Successful F1 Betting

We’d be lying if we said successful cricket betting in the long run is easy.

If we had a pound for every time someone has given us a Formula 1 betting tip, we’d be rich. We’re not implying that F1 betting tips are useless, but we are encouraging you to have a healthy amount of scepticism whenever someone says they’ve got a guaranteed way to win.

Sports betting is an uncertain activity. There are no guarantees. It’s gambling. Therefore, even if you’ve covered all the proverbial bases, anything can happen. Now that’s out of the way, we’ll tell you that it’s possible to improve your chances of success when you have a strategy.

The following F1 betting tips should help you devise a strategy and become a smarter punter:

  1. Tracks matter: no two F1 tracks are the same and some drivers are better on certain circuits than others. Look at a driver’s record to see where they’ve had success before and use that as a guide.
  2. Don’t ignore the weather: expert horse racing punters will consider the weather before every race because it affects the track. The same is true in Formula 1 racing. Rain could affect play just as much as searing heat, so take this into account before you place a bet.
  3. Practice laps and qualifying count: betting on F1 races without watching the qualifiers is like putting petrol in a diesel engine: it doesn’t work. The preliminary rounds will give you valuable insights ahead of the big race.
  4. It’s a team sport: the outcome of a race is, ultimately, determined by drivers. However, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. If a team’s tactics are off, they pit at the wrong times or something on the car isn’t quite right, it can affect the results. Therefore, you need to consider a team’s recent performances and not just the driver’s.
  5. Get added value whenever you can: sports betting is hard enough as it is, which is why you should claim as many bonuses as possible. Each offer is a way to lock up a guaranteed return that can either help offset losses or boost your bankroll when results go your way.
  6. Don’t blow it all on one race: bankroll management is a skill every sports bettor needs to master. As a general rule, you should never stake more than 3% of your total bankroll on a single race.

Major F1 Races

Location Dates
Bahrain Grand Prix March
Saudi Arabian Grand Prix March
Australian Grand Prix April
Azerbaijan Grand Prix April
Miami Grand Prix May
Monaco Grand Prix May
Spanish Grand Prix June
Canadian Grand Prix June
Austrian Grand Prix July
British Grand Prix July
Hungarian Grand Prix July
Belgian Grand Prix July
Dutch Grand Prix August
Italian Grand Prix September
Singapore Grand Prix September
Japanese Grand Prix September
Qatar Grand Prix October
US Grand Prix October
Mexican Grand Prix October
Brazilian Grand Prix November
Las Vegas Grand Prix November
Abu Dhabi Grand Prix November

Formula 1 Jargon Terms You Need to Know

Walking the walking involves talking the talk. With this in mind, here are some of the top terms Formula 1 fans use when they’re discussing cars, driving and anything else race related:

  • 107% rule: a driver who fails to set a lap time that’s within 107% of the fastest Q1 time won’t qualify for the main race.
  • Apex: the middle point around a corner that drivers aim for in order to get the fastest exit speed.
  • Backmarker: the driver in last position who must yield to the right and allow others past when shown a blue flag.
  • Blistering: when parts of a tyre breakaway due to overheating.
  • Chassis: the main part of a racing car onto which the engine and suspension are attached.
  • Chicane: a series of tight corners.
  • Cockpit: the place where a driver sits.
  • Downforce: the force applied downwards when the car is in motion.
  • Drive-through penalty: a penalty given to drivers who enter/exit the pit lane at an unacceptable speed.
  • DRS: drag reduction system.
  • ERS: energy recovery system.
  • Formation lap: a parade lap before each driver takes their position on the grid.
  • Grid: the starting positions for a race.
  • Jump start: when a driver goes before the lights have fully changed.
  • Lock-up: when the wheels lock because a driver has hit the brakes too hard.
  • Marshalls: officials who oversee races.
  • Oversteer: when the rear end of the car tries to overtake the front end.
  • Pits: where F1 teams work on cars and manage their drivers.
  • Pole position: the driver in first place.
  • Safety car: a car used to slow down drivers after an incident.
  • Torque: the force (i.e. power) of an engine.
  • Understeer: when the front end of a car doesn’t turn properly around a corner.

Bet on Formula 1 Today

Formula 1 is one of the most popular sports out there. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the UK’s leading online sportsbooks are constantly vying for pole position. That, of course, is good news for you as a punter because it means there will always be competitive odds and promo offers.

So, for our final F1 betting tip, we encourage you to check out all of our recommended sportsbooks. Each one has its own strengths and, by using them all, you can give yourself the best chance of getting great odds and added value for every Formula 1 race.


Yes, all licensed UK online sportsbooks are 100% legal. That means licensed betting sites can offer real-money wagers on all sports, including Formula 1. You can also get access to sports betting promotions, safe payment options and 24/7 customer support.

You can bet on Formula 1 by joining our recommended UK online sportsbooks. Our secure sign-up links take you directly to the registration page and help unlock exclusive offers. Once you’ve registered, make a deposit and tap the latest F1 odds to lock in a wager.

Top 5 recommended F1 betting sites in the UK:

  1. 888Sport
  2. Unibet
  3. BetVictor
  4. Bet365
  5. Betway

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