Acca Bet Explained – 2023 Guide and Best Acca Offers

The acca bet is one of the most popular types of sports bets in the iGaming industry. In some other regions, it is referred to as a parlay bet.

The most popular sport with acca betting is probably football. But you can place your parlays on just about any kind of sport. We won’t waste your time with all this small talk anymore. Instead we’ll get right into the best guide out there you can find on accumulator bets.

James Pacheco
Author, Betting enthusiast

November 14, 2023

James started working in the betting industry a few weeks before Roger Federer won his first-ever Grand Slam and a few months before Greece shocked Europe’s elite at Euro 2004.

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What is an Accumulator Bet?

An accumulator bet is one that has multiple selections. The selections are also called legs. A lot of punters prefer placing an accumulator bet as opposed to a single selection since the profits are higher.
But the risks are higher too. This is because you’ll need all of your legs to win for your bet to turn out a winner. For every leg of your accumulator that wins, your stake is bet back into the next leg along with the winnings.
Making multiple selections in the same match do not count as an accumulator. You need to spread them out over a few different matches.
Acca bets are associated with a lot of different bonuses too. Usually, of you’ve claimed a sports betting bonus, you’d need to roll over your bonus funds on accumulator bets. And acca bets sometimes come with a cash out feature as well.

Important Acca Betting Terms

There are a few different terms you need to know when it comes to any type of sports betting. And it’s important that you know about all these terms before you actually start betting.
For example, legs in an accumulator bet refer to selection. You need to make a certain number of selections when placing your acca bets.
Your accumulator bet is settled only when all the selections in your bet are complete. That means if you bet on a series of events in a tournament, you need to wait for the last event you bet on.

Minimum Stake

Your stake is very important when it comes to accumulator betting. Each of the selections in your accumulator will have a minimum stake. And so, each accumulator placed by a punter will have a very different portfolio of stakes.
Accumulator bets don’t usually have a minimum stake. But when it is associated with rolling over a bonus, there will definitely be a minimum stake. This is determined by the sportsbook and different for every type of bet.
Most of the time, you need to rollover the amount of bonus you obtained. So, if you got 100 Euro as your bonus, you may have to bet 2x or 3x that amount in your accumulator.

Minimum Odds

Again, each of your accumulator bets will have different odds just like it will have different stakes. But when associated with rolling over a bonus, there will be a minimum odds limit that you need to meet.
This is also determined by the sportsbook in most cases. The Terms and Conditions or the wagering requirement will mention that each of your selections will have to have certain odds. Or it might even mention the minimum odds for your entire bet.

Minimum Selections

Accumulator bets do have minimum selections. When you only bet on one selection, it’s called a Single bet. Similarly, for two and three selections, they are called Double and Treble respectively.
When your bet has 4 or more selections, it will be terms as an accumulator bet. This is what an accumulator bet is by definition. However, Double and Treble bets are also technically accumulators.
So, when a sportsbook gives you a wagering requirement for an accumulator bet with 3 or more selections, it’s not terms as a treble.
A lot of sportsbooks also offer enhanced odds on the Accumulator of the Day. This is a pre-made accumulator bet and you can pick from multiple of these. If your bet turns out to win, the sportsbook will award you with a certain percentage of your odds increased.

What are the Types of Accumulator Betting?

We mentioned a bit about the types of accumulator bets already. But we know we have a lot of rookies looking at this and still feeling confused. So, this section is meant to be a more in-depth analysis.
You’ll understand more when you know the types of accumulators.

  • Single Bets (Not ACCA) – Single bets (the bets with only one selection) do not count as an accumulator bet.
  • Double and Treble – When there are two selections, it is an accumulator and can also be called a Double. And when there are three selections or legs in your bet, it is a Treble.
  • Accumulator Bets – As you increase the number of selections, the bet increases in folds. So, for an acca bet with 4 selections, it is a four-fold accumulator. This can go on for five-fold, six-fold, to as many as the operator allows.
  • Each Way Acca – There is actually specialty type of accumulator bet known as an-each way accumulator. The purpose of this is to remove a bit more of the risk involved with accumulator betting. Usually an each-way accumulator is a type of bet you might find in horse racing. If you bet on horse races, you’ll already know what an-each way bet is.
    An each-way accumulator comes as two separate bets. So whatever you stake on your bet is doubled for your each way. This covers you even is your horse loses but manages to place by the end of the race.

Acca Betting Examples

An accumulator bet might be best understood with a couple of examples. You can place accumulator bets with a lot of different sports. The most popular ones are probably football and horse racing.
But there are tons of other sports that are compatible with accumulator betting. And we actually have a dedicated section for those later on in this guide.
A great example of a tournament which works for accumulator betting is the UCL. Six matches of the UCL are played in the group stage format. And you could place acca bets on all of those matches.
Let’s say you’re placing a four-fold accumulator bet on a few of the group stage matches.

  • Chelsea to beat Manchester United 2/1
  • Arsenal to beat Benfica 2/1
  • Manchester City to beat Sevilla 4/1
  • Tottenham Hotspurs to bet Cardiff City 3/1

Depending on how much you put down for your first leg, your stake and returns would be put back in the stake for your second leg. And this will continue until the final leg of your bet. But the condition to win the entire bet is that all legs must win.

Calculating Acca Bet Profits

You calculate your accumulator bet profits based on the odds you’re given for your bet. Let’s look at the last example to make it easier to know how acca bets are calculated.

    1. Selections Starting Odds Decimals
    1. Chelsea to beat Manchester United 2/1 3
    1. Arsenal to beat Benfica 2/1 3
    1. Manchester City to beat Sevilla 4/1 5
    1. Tottenham Hotspurs to bet Cardiff City 3/1 4

Your total odds come out to 180. So, the odds for the entire bet are 179/1. If you bet £1 on your accumulator, you could potentially win £179.
Let’s say you bet £1 on the first leg and win. You end up with £3 which is then added to your second leg. When that wins, your winnings come out to £6 as your winnings and £9 as the stake for the third leg.
Repeating the process, you win £36 and £45 as your stake for the next bet. Then finally, your total winnings come out to £135 and including the stake amount returned, it is £180.
As you can see, the total amount of winnings in comparison to your stake is nearly astronomic. But the risk associated with it is also the same. This is because only one leg of your accumulator losing meant you lose the entire bet including your initial stake.

How Do You Place an Acca Bet?

There are a few different steps that you need to follow to place your accumulator bet. The very first is that you need to have a registered account with an online sportsbook.
All sportsbooks more or less offer accumulators so you don’t have to spend too much time finding one.
But we’ll mention a few of our favourites in a later part of this guide. You also need to fund your account using one of the active payment methods.
After that, you can use the sports betting app or the website to place your bets. Follow these steps if you want to make it easy for yourself:

  1. First login to your account and go to the sports events.
  2. Browse the events to find selections that you want to bet on.
  3. Once you find a selection, click on the odds to add it to your betslip. On the slip, you should find an option for “Multiple” and “Accumulator.”
  4. Add as many selections as you want, assuming the sportsbook also complies with the number.
  5. Enter the amount you want to stake on the bet.
  6. After you’re done, check whether everything is in order and confirm the bet.

The betslip will show you a calculation of your possible winnings from the bet. And you can add or remove selections based on that.

One very interesting fact about accumulator bets is that you can place one on every sport. We hate to bring the mood down, but you actually can’t do what you’re thinking. No, sportsbooks usually don’t allow you to place accumulators over multiple different sports.
That is what you were thinking, right? But it’s still good that you can bet on football and horse racing with accumulator bets. These are two of the most popular sports for accumulator bets. But there are others too.

  • Football – Football is the most associated with accumulator betting. And the reason it’s popular is because football acca bets are very exciting.
  • Horse Racing – Horse racing may not be as popular as football. But you’ll still find quite a long list of options in horse racing for acca bets.
  • Tennis – Tennis is another popular sport in general and for accumulator bets. Tennis is very compatible with accumulator betting because of the format of the sport.

Best Bookies for Accumulator Betting

Here’s the part you’ve all been waiting for. In this section of our guide, we’ll give you a short rundown of some of our favourite bookies. All of them offer accumulator betting and you’ll find quite a long range too.


10bet is an amazing sportsbook that has been operating for a while now. It offers exciting promotions for all new punters and some for existing customers as well. And another great feature of 10bet is the acca betting bonus that climbs as your selections climb. The % of your acca bonus starts at 2% with a treble acca and goes up to 50% for a 16-fold bet.
This promotion is available for all new and existing customers. And in order to claim it you just need to make a deposit after registering and place your bets in the sports section.

10bet acca offer
  • Long list of options for sports betting
  • Offers cash out
  • Cash out means forfeiting the acca


Boylesports is a veteran in the industry. The brand has been around for so long and branched out to the point that there isn’t a punter in any region who hasn’t heard of 888bet. Boylesports offers a great acca boost bonus that all punters can claim after registering. This bonus, similar to other accas, will rise in % as you increase your selections.
It starts with 2 legs and a 3% bonus and can go all the way up to 50 legs and a 400% bonus. General bonus terms will also apply for this bonus.

Boylesports acca insurance
  • Long list of payment methods
  • User friendly website which is easy to navigate
  • One of the most reputed in iGaming
  • Live betting options aren’t the best
  • Live streaming quality isn’t very good


This sportsbook is one that everybody has heard of. It also offers one of the best platforms for both rookies and experiences punters to place an accumulator bet. Betfred allows all punters to be winners at all times with an insurance acca bonus. To be a part of this bonus, you need to place a 5+ team accumulator bet. And if one of the teams loses, you’ll get your stake back.

Betfred acca insurance offer
  • Easy free bets with acca offer
  • Great bonuses for all punters new and old
  • Acca bets need to have 5 selections or more to be eligible


Betway offers one of the best platforms for live streaming. The sportsbook is quite reputed as well. Betway actually has a fun mobile acca insurance bonus. With this bonus, you can get money back if you lose any bets with 5 or more selections. The bonus is given as a free bet and the regular terms and conditions also apply.

Betway acca insurance promo
  • Excellent range of betting markets
  • Growing options in esports
  • Acca bonus only applicable for mobile users


This may be a sportsbook some haven’t heard of. But the sportsbook has some secrets up it’s sleeve that might attract a lot of punters. The acca bonus at Mr.Play is called the PLAY BOOST bonus. The bonus starts at 4% on a 4-fold accumulator. And you can get up to 77% by placing an accumulator with as many as 15 legs.

Mr.Play acca promo boost
  • Enhanced odds on acca up to 77%
  • Wagering requirements for the acca bonus are reasonable
  • Dull website design


This one is quite a new sportsbook. But it has impressed us with some of the best options considering how new it is. Betiton also has an acca boost that starts with your basic 4-fold accumulator bet with a 4% enhance on odds. But there are a few stipulations that you need to keep in mind to claim the bonus.

Betiton acca offer
  • Great user experience
  • Acca offers up to 15-fold bets
  • Acca bet bonus amount is capped

Acca Insurance Comparison

Next is a list of all the exciting acca insurance offers that you might find at the sportsbooks we mentioned earlier. These promotions might not be available in your region or at a time when the sportsbooks offer newer ones.

Bookie Bonus Sports Minimum Odds Rollover Requirements
10bet 50% deposit match to be rolled over on acca Certain bet types excluded but all sports accepted 4/5 on singles and 2/5 per leg for acca bets 8 times
Boylesport Free bets up to £20 All sports including in-play betting ½ per selection N/A
Betfred Cashback up to £10 Football Depends on the bet type Depends on the bet type
Betway Free bet up to £25 Football 3/1 N/A
Mr. Play 77% acca boost Only pre-match sports 1/5 N/A
Betition 77% acca boost All sports N/A N/A


Overall, an accumulator bet is probably one of the most exciting bet types that you can find these days. The possibility of a higher profit at the risk of losing the stake makes this bet even more popular.


There are a lot of different typed of accumulator betting. It starts with double, treble, four-fold and can even go up to eight-fold or nine-fold.

The most popular sports for acca betting are football and horseracing. But you should be able  to play acca bets on just about any sport.

Most sportsbooks will offer up to 14 legs for an accumulator bet. But certain others might even offer up to 50.


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