Enhanced Odds Offers & Price Boost(2024)

Offering enhanced odds on the most popular sports seems to be the latest trend with major bookmakers. The leading players certainly make bold claims, promoting themselves as the most generous when it comes to enhanced odds, but which firms live up to the hype. Who can you trust and who is little more than false advertising?

In this review we look at the standout enhanced odds offers, concentrating brands, different types of enhanced odds, accumulators and even the all-important terms and conditions. Looking for the best enhanced odds offers on horse racing, football, greyhounds and more? The table below includes a list of best bookies we recommend for Enhanced Odds. Read our review, choose the firm you want to bet with and click the link to get started. .

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James Fuller
Author, Betting enthusiast

December 14, 2023

Having been an iGaming copywriter since 2014, James has vast experience in the industry. Covering everything from football and tennis to eSports and basketball, James is a betting expert. Working with some of the best-known brands around, including leading bookmakers, sports clubs and governing bodies, James uses his knowledge to pass on accurate and relevant information to punters.

The best Enhanced Odds & Price Boost:

Top Enhanced Odds Offers Explained

Thanks to their simplicity, and their clear value to both parties, enhanced odds are equally popular with bookies and punters. Most of our recommended sites will offer them, but this trio stands out with some of the best deals of the bunch.

Kwiff – Enhanced Odds

When it comes to Kwiff, the concept of enhanced odds isn’t so much an extra for customers that forms part of their selection of bonuses. Rather, it’s at the heart of what this Sportsbook is all about. It’s part of the betting site’s DNA and the focal point of almost all of Kwiff’s marketing initiatives.

At other betting sites, there will be banners and landing pages telling you which selections have enhanced odds. Then it’s up to you to decide whether that boost in odds is worthy of your support in terms of it providing you with real betting value or whether despite the enhanced odds, you still don’t think it’s a bet worthy of your money.

At Kwiff, things work very differently.

Randomly Kwiffed bets

It’s up to you to decide what to bet on as per usual, with Kwiff then occasionally ‘Kwiffing’ your bet after it’s been placed. That means that they’ll take a bet you’ve already placed and increase the odds on it.

Which customers are awarded the Kwiffed bets, which specific bets are Kwiffed and the amount by which the odds are enhanced by, are all done completely randomly.

So when placing a bet, you never know if it’s going to be Kwiffed, or by how much. It could be as much as 10 or 20 times your original odds and you’ll receive a notification that your bet has been Kwiffed in the My Bets or Cash Out section of your app.

Both singles and multiples can be Kwiffed at anytime and if your bet goes on to win, those are the odds that you’re paid out at. For example, you might have a 5-way acca on football matches that comes to odds of 5.5 that after being Kwiffed, becomes 14.5.

As a bonus, Kwiff will occasionally also boost the payout on a bet you’ve decided to Cash Out, resulting in you getting a bigger payout than you thought you were going to get. That said, strictly speaking, that’s not an example of enhanced odds as such.

Guaranteed Kwiffed bet- Supercharge your weekend

As great as randomly-Kwiffed bets are, they are just that: random. There’s no guarantee that you’ll have a bet Kwiffed in the next day, week or even month. Although you’re likely to!

But there’s one way you can guarantee yourself a Kwiffed bet thanks to the Supercharge Your Weekend promo.

Every weekend you can guarantee yourself one Kwiffed bet when placing a bet that meets these requirements:

(a) Minimum stake is £/€1 and the maximum stake is £/€100;
(b) Minimum 3 selections;
(c) Minimum odds per selection 1.50.
(d) Bets must be placed between 0:01 on Saturday and 23:59 on Sunday.

Kwiff customers should be aware that only the first qualifying bet counts for the purposes of this promotion.

As soon as you place your bet, it will instantly be Kwiffed though the amount, as we know, can vary considerably.

888sport Enhanced Odds

888sport take a different approach with their enhanced odds deal for new customers. Rather than letting you decide how to use your enhanced odds when signing up, 888sport actually take control here. Specifically, if you sign up within a certain window, using the right promo code, you can get enhanced odds on a particular sporting event.

Obviously, most punters would prefer to decide how to use their own boosts. The trade-off for losing this ability is that 888sport offer you absolutely enormous inflations on their prices.

Shortly before this article was written, for example, Poland were set to play England in a World Cup qualifier. Poland were around 5/1 to win on most betting sites. On 888sport, with the football enhanced odds welcome offer, you could get them at a ridiculous 33/1. A successful £10 wager, therefore, would have seen your return climb from £60 to £340 – a whopping £280 boost.

Betfair – Enhanced Odds: Boosted bets everywhere you look

The Betfair Sportsbook is one of the betting sites you can count on these days for providing plenty of good-value promos and that’s certainly the case when it comes to enhanced odds.

In fact, when it comes to Betfair, there are two ways in which you can benefit from bigger odds than usual.

Enhanced Odds for all customers

If you go to the Sportsbook homepage and glance at the right-hand side of the page, you’ll see all the available odds boosts relating to football for the following day.

Simple math tells you that on average the odds are boosted by around 20% or 25% on their featured Odds Boosts selections.

Whereas that alone may not be tempting enough to place those bets just as a result of them having their odds boosted, it’s certainly a nice little extra for you if you were going to place them anyway, as you’ll get 20-25% extra added to your payout.

In all cases, bets that have Odds Boosts applied to them are paid out in cash; no part of your winnings are bonus money with wagering requirements.

But the enhanced odds at Betfair aren’t limited to the featured ones appearing on the homepage.

Even just looking at football for the moment, you can see that on any given match, there are some good Odds Boost selections across a number of markets to keep punters interested. These were the ones available ahead of Luton v Arsenal on December 5, 2023.

Though there are no rules set in stone as to which sports or events within those sports have markets that are Odds Boosted, many of the most high-profile events across a number of sports do, while most important football matches of any importance are guaranteed to have a selection of them.

Your own personal Odds Boost

The more discerning punter who decides that they don’t just want to take (or leave) selections that have been selected by Betfair and wants to seize control of things themselves, has another option available to them.

Every active Betfair customer who meets the necessary monthly requirements of placing a certain number of bets during that month just gone will be rewarded with free bets and other goodies as part of Betfair’s loyalty program.

One of those goodies is to be able to use one or more (depending on which loyalty program you choose to be on and how active you are) Betfair Odds Boost token on any single bet you wish.

It can be used on any sport, on any competition and on any market, an example of which is shown here where the regular odds for Liverpool’s Luis Diaz to score were 6/4; you can boost them to 13/8 using your Odds Boost token.

Before using the Bet Boost

After applying the Odds Boost.

In fact, the only markets where you can’t use your token are on selections that have already been boosted by Betfair itself, to avoid scenarios where there would be a double boost!

Betway – Enhanced Odds: All your Odds Boosts in one place

If you’d rather find all the daily Odds Boosts in one place to save you navigating around the site for that extra little bit of value, then maybe Betway could be the bookie for you when it comes to placing several bets a day at enhanced odds.

Start by clicking on the Betway Boosts tab at the top of the homepage and it will display all the bets that have been boosted for that particular day.

As you can see from the image below, not only are all the boosted bets in one place but they’re available in this case across UK and Italian football, US and European basketball and NHL hockey.

The sports that have Bet Boosts applied to them on a daily basis vary to keep things fresh and to attract the interest of different punters when it comes to their favourite sports.

The great thing about the way Betway does things is that you can see all of them in one place and there’s no limit to how many of them you can back.

However, Betway may have missed a trick, nonetheless. It would have made sense for them to not only display the boosted odds on the dedicated page but the original ones as well so you can see exactly how much extra value you’re getting on each one, rather than having to navigate to the match itself and comparing that selection’s original odds to the boosted ones in that way.

Still, it’s great that they’ve included plenty of other sports outside football in their daily boosted bets, which not many other bookies do.

BetFred – Enhanced Odds: Keeping it simple

It wouldn’t be a popular offer that most betting sites are currently running without Betfred ‘The Bonus King’ having his own version of it.

But in the typical style of founder Fred Done, whose story behind creating a betting empire is featured in our unforgettable betting stories article, the daily boosted bets are simple, all in one place, unfussy and straightforward.

Unlike Betway (see above) they do include the original odds in addition to the boosted ones so you can see how much they’re being boosted by. And in some cases the boosts are closer to 30% rather than the more usual 20-25%, which is obviously a positive.

However, like a lot of betting sites offering this promo, they seem to mostly just focus on football.

It would be a good move if in the future they provided a similar selection of daily boosts on a few other sports as well, as Betway do.

To find the daily football boosted bets just navigate to the left-hand column, click on ‘Daily Price Boosts’ and they will all be there.

Talksport- Enhanced Odds: One-off extra 200% boost for new customers

Rounding things off is the sort of odds boost you wouldn’t come across in normal circumstances: it would be almost unthinkable to find a betting site offering existing customers odds that are twice their normal value.

By the way, when TalkSport Bet talks about a 300% payout or ‘tripling your returns’ they actually mean 200% or doubling your returns; because they’re including the return of the winning stake within the payout in the equation.

The other important point to note here is that this is a Welcome offer, meaning you can only use it once.

Other things to be aware of:

  • The maximum bet you can place is £5.
  • The bet must be placed as a single at odds of 2.0 or greater.
  • The bet must be used within 7 days of opening your account.
  • The maximum payout is £300.
  • You have to opt in to the promotion via the OFFERS Tab.
  • Only the profit will be returned to you, not the stake itself.

However, what the small print also says is that you can place several bets, not just one, as long as you don’t exceed that amount of £5.

So a good strategy might be to place five bets, each for £1, at odds of 5,0 so that each one actually becomes 10.0. But it’s completely up to you.

Grosvenor Sports Enhanced Odds

Grosvenor Sports used to be one of the worst top-level bookies around for special offers. Nowadays, that’s changing in a big way, and their ‘Double the Odds’ deal for new players is leading the way.

Sign up today, and you can literally double the odds on your very first sports wager. There’s a maximum stake of £10, but – aside from that – this is a very flexible deal. All sports, and every single possible bet, are eligible to be used, and you also have a generous 60 days after signing up to select your chosen market. Neteller and Skrill deposits are both ineligible for this deal, but that’s just about the only drawback we could see.

Following this up, Grosvenor Sports also have an Acca Boost deal in place. This will enhance your odds on up to three 3+ selection multiples per week, with no minimum odds requirements in place.

William Hill Enhanced Odds

William Hill follow the same pattern as 888sport here, technically providing welcome offers that are more ‘price boosts’ than ‘enhanced odds’. Again though, in return for relinquishing control to your bookie here, you’re given some seriously impressive prices.

As with 888sport, William Hill enhanced odds on particular bet types in specific markets. You must place your bet within a certain time frame (often the two days prior to kickoff), and use the correct promo code.

At the time of writing, for example, Cristiano Ronaldo is soon to make his second debut for Manchester United. William Hill have two separate deals for the occasion, for Ronaldo to either score first or anytime. You can enter either the promo code EPR50 or EPR30 to pick your deal, and get ludicrous 50/1 or 30/1 odds respectively. Similar deals are put in place all the time, so it’s definitely worth keeping an eye out for the perfect time to strike.

What are Enhanced Odds?

Normally, when a bookie sets its price on a certain market, there are three main factors in play. These are:

  • Sheer probability
  • Competitor prices
  • Driving action

With enhanced odds, the third factor takes precedence over the other two. The sportsbook is simply trying to drive action on a certain market, rather than either reflect the probability of an outcome happening, or worrying too much about the odds on other betting sites. They are so committed to driving this action, in fact, that they’re willing to take on a whole lot more risk in order to do so.

As the name suggests, the enhanced odds meaning is that a sportsbook artificially inflates the price on a certain bet. If a market was 6/1 to start with, for example, the bookie will suddenly make it 8/1 instead. You can keep exactly the same stake as before, but a winning wager will now make you significantly more money.

Technically, enhanced odds can apply to singles selections. More often though, they’re used on a multiples wager which the sportsbook has put together itself. This might be a same-game combo, or cover multiple matchups. Either way, the bookie is willing to risk paying out big-time winnings in return for tempting bettors into enticing, but tough-to-win wagers.

A few T&Cs do come attached to enhanced odds, most often limiting the returns you can make on these markets. In general though, these offers are extremely easy to use, while still providing clear and obvious value for punters.

  • Stake is the cash you will place on a bet at enhanced odds. Usually, with enhanced odds offer, there is a maximum stake in place, such as £1 or £5. This is to limit the losses for bookies when offering enhanced odds on sports such as football.
  • Time limit refers to an important point in the terms and conditions which states your bets must be placed before a certain time, often on the day of the event. For example, if odds have been enhanced on horse racing it will be between 10am and 12pm, rewarding those getting their cash down early.
  • Prizes in the T&Cs refer to the cash that could be won by betting on an enhanced odds offer. The reason this is mentioned is it is often limited per customer. This is to stop one punter able to play for big stakes hammering the bookies.

How do Enhanced Odds Work?

Enhanced odds require a very small departure from your regular betting habits. To help make things crystal clear though, here’s a quick and easy guide to using them.

  1. Create an Account – Obviously, if you don’t already have an account with your chosen bookie, you’ll need to create one before using their deals. Simply head to the homepage of their desktop site or mobile app, click ‘Join’, and complete the registration process.
  2. Complete the Welcome Offer – Technically, this isn’t a ‘requirement’ for using enhanced odds. It’s still highly-recommended though, the first time you sign up with any new bookie.
  3. Find Your Enhanced Odds – You have two main ways to do this. The first is to simply go to the main homepage of the sports betting section. Most bookies will post all their biggest and best enhanced odds markets for the day here. The second is to visit the homepage for the subsection of your favourite sport. Enhanced odds will either be given their own small area here, or will be indicated via a special icon (such as an upward arrow).
  4. Place the Wager – Pick the enhanced odds market you like, then click the price next to it. This will automatically add it to your betslip. Now simply enter a stake, check everything is correct, and confirm the wager.
  5. Collect Your Rewards – If the wager wins, you will automatically be paid out at the enhanced odds. Better still, unlike other bookmaker offers, this bonus will be given to you as cash – with no wagering requirements – rather than as a free bet.

Types Of Enhanced Odds

  • Price boost is the most common type of enhanced odds. Bookmakers mentioned in the above list have all, at one time or another, boosted the odds of a popular sports bet, such as a player to score the first goal in a big match or a certain fighter to win a boxing bout. This encourages punters to bet with this firm over the competition.
  • Price promises is another form of enhanced odds betting you will find at the top online bookmakers. Firms like Betfair promise to be best price or joint best price on tennis, horse racing, football and more. They do this by constantly monitoring the price of their competitors and moving to better it.
  • Price matching is something very similar to price promises. When price matching a bookie is telling customers they will match the market best price on a chosen fixture or race. This saves you looking around to get the best odds possible.
  • Enhanced odds for new customers is available with many of the top names in the industry. Sign up for an account as a new player and you will get enhanced odds on your first bet.
  • Enhanced odds coupons applies to football and tennis. It is a list of fixtures that have benefited from enhanced odds and you can add them to doubles, trebles and accumulators or simply back as a super single.

What are Price Boosts?

If you’ve spent any significant amount of time on sports betting, you’ve probably heard the phrase ‘price boosts’. These are similar to enhanced odds offers, in that they inflate the prices for your wagers. They do have a few key differences though, as you can see in the next section.

For now, let’s take a quick look at the two main types of price boosts – singles, and multiples.

Singles Price Boosts

With a singles price boost, you can inflate the odds on a particular singles market of your choosing. For the uninitiated, a ‘singles’ bet means that only one outcome needs to come good for your overall wager to win, with the most common example being Match Result / Match Winner.

Multiples Price Boosts

As you can probably guess, multiples price boosts work similarly to their singles counterparts, but only apply to multiples wagers. That means you must bundle multiple selections into a single qualifying bet, and these must all come good for your overall wager to triumph.

Multiples might consist of different selections, but they still form one overall wager. As such, it is the overall odds for your acca which will be boosted, not the individual ones. Also note that each ways – which sit halfway between singles and multiples – are usually ineligible for these boosts.

What are the Differences Between Enhanced Odds and Price Boosts?

The terms ‘enhanced odds’ and ‘price boosts’ are often used interchangeably by punters. It doesn’t help matters that some bookies also do this. Regardless, there are three key differences between the two deals, as you can see below.


With enhanced odds, your sportsbook decides both the matchup and bet type on which the boost applies.

With price boosts, however, you’re in control of both the matchup and bet type. The trade-off is that the actual size of the boosts will usually be smaller.

2.Singles vs Multiples

Enhanced odds deals tend to be provided on multiples, and can have anywhere from two to four or five selections. This obviously makes them riskier picks, but helps to drive up the prices even further.

Price boosts, by contrast, can usually be used on singles wagers instead. These are easier to win, but – naturally – provide smaller rewards.


Most bookies will release new enhanced odds markets every single day, often giving you dozens of options to choose from. You can also take as many of these as you want.

Price boosts are much more limited. If you’re lucky, you’ll be given one per day. Often though, you’ll be limited to a handful per week, or may even have to earn them via other betting promotions.

How to Profit from Enhanced Odds and Price Boosts

Enhanced odds and price boosts are valuable weapons, but still need to be used smartly. Here are five top tips for doing just that.

  1. Consider Moderating Your Stakes – Your first thought might be to keep your regular stakes with these boosts, and simply enjoy greater returns. We’d urge you to consider the alternative though: simply lowering your stakes (and therefore your risk) instead, and targeting a similar return to normal.
  2. Do Your Research – As with regular betting, you shouldn’t simply ‘go with your gut’ when using these deals. With enhanced odds, research the probabilities involved with the markets you’re being offered. With rarer price boosts, find the smartest possible markets on which to inflate your prices.
  3. Shop Around – The size of enhanced odds and price boosts varies considerably from bookie to bookie. Even if they involve the matchup or bet type you want, don’t simply leap at the first enhanced odds you see. Check a few other bookies instead, and see if their boosts are better.
  4. Commit to Welcome Offers – Don’t be afraid to ignore free bets in favour of enhanced odds when it comes to welcome offers. As noted earlier though, the sheer size of some enhanced odds sign up deals definitely make these a worthy alternative.
  5. Be Prepared to Pounce – Some bookies – like William Hill – offer short-term enhanced odds which are even bigger than usual. If you see these, you may only have a short amount of time to take advantage. Do a quick bit of research, and have the confidence to pull the trigger if you deem the deal to be worthy.

Enhanced Odds Terms & Conditions

It is worth remembering that all enhanced odds promotions have terms and conditions attached and you should take the time to read these before signing up and betting. This will ensure you have a full understanding of the small print. Here are some of the more important terms and conditions…

  • Minimum deposit is the least amount of cash you can add to your betting account to qualify for the promotion. This is usually set at £5 or £10.
  • Wagering requirements concerns the amount you can bet on an enhanced odds selection. Selections with enhanced odds may be limited to £1 stakes.
  • Validity period is the time before the enhanced odds promotion expires. For example, it may be between 12pm and 1pm for the favourite of a horse racing taking place today. You must bet between that time to qualify.
  • Payment options are worth knowing about as certain ewallet services don’t qualify you for promotions. This is due to customer misuse in the past. Credit and debit cards seem to work best when working towards enhanced odds offers.

How To Win An Accumulator Bet?

Sports bettors adopt several different strategies when it comes to placing accumulator bets, although some are more successful than others. Below are a few hints and tips to keep in mind when attempting to place a winning accumulator…

  1. Do as much research as possible. Read form, team news, injury updates, gossip columns and more. As much as you can get your hands on. The more you know the better your chances of winning are.
  2. Follow a successful tipster website. When taking the advice of tipsters, it’s important to check their profit and loss column for both the current month and the season so far. Maybe even last season, if it’s available.
  3. Get the best odds possible on each and every selection. Check a respected price comparison website to find out which bookies are most generous when it comes to your picks.
  4. Take advantage of the many football accumulator betting specials available, such as acca insurance and profit boosts.


All sports are covered by enhanced odds specials, but the most popular ones are horse racing, football, tennis, boxing, NFL and golf.

This is another way of offering extra places each-way on horse racing. If most bookies are offering 1/4 the odds a place 1-2-3, a firm giving enhanced each-way be give customers 1/4 the odds a place the best five finishers, giving you more chance at securing a return on your investment.

The quickest way to check is to click on the promotions page of your chosen bookmaker for a full list of offers, deals and promos on sports.

This means only win bets are accepted on these markets. You can also place each-way bets but they may not be subject to the enhanced odds deal.


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