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November 16, 2023

James started working in the betting industry a few weeks before Roger Federer won his first-ever Grand Slam and a few months before Greece shocked Europe’s elite at Euro 2004.

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Kwiff deserve instant respect and admiration just for being completely different to the rest of the market.


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Our Verdict:

The vast majority of online bookmakers all provide a very similar service, with similar bonuses, and betting features. Meaning that at times, they’re indistinguishable from each other.

Kwiff’s unique selling point of randomly supercharging any bet at any time is a first in the sports betting industry and the only surprising thing is that other sites haven’t copied them.

The same could be said of their Surprise Bets, also awarded at random and also with the potential to give customers big wins out of the blue, without the customer having to do anything differently.

The key words here are fun, entertainment and excitement.

Their whole raison d’etre will appeal to a particular type of customer who values enjoying themselves when betting on sports and looking forward to that dangled carrot of Kwiffed or Surprise Bets.

Rather than one who values more traditional elements of a betting site, like: generous odds, a huge offering of sports to wager on or being able to watch events via live streaming.

And this last paragraph sums up what Kwiff is all about and the choice potential customers have to make.

From a financial point of view, they’ve decided it’s almost impossible to do both.  They can’t keep giving customers Kwiffed Bets and Surprise Bets, potentially costing them vast amounts of money if a lot of them go on to win, while also doing everything else as well as the field.

The first thing to give are their odds, which frankly, are considerably lower than their competitors.

They’ve also cut back on the number of sports offered, the number of markets within those sports, the number of payment options, the sports they have live streaming for and other staples in the world of betting offers, like Best Odds Guaranteed. (Looking for bookies with BOG? Check out our list of top bookmakers with best odds guaranteed).

Given we love the concept of Kwiff, we’re just hoping they can gradually build and improve on some of the other elements just mentioned because then customers will have the best of both worlds. We don’t expect them to do so to the level of a Bet365 or Paddy Power but a few improvements could go a long way.


  • Kwiffed bets, where a bet’s odds can be randomly increased at any time, is a truly unique concept.
  • No other bookie offers Surprise Bets, either: bets randomly awarded to customers by Kwiff.
  • Minimalist-looking site is easy to navigate.
  • Two separate ongoing horseracing promos offering good value.
  • Above-average mobile app.


  • Betting odds are lower on most markets than their competitors.
  • No Best Odds Guaranteed.
  • Livestreaming limited to horseracing.
  • Fewer sports (16-18) than most competitors (35-50).
  • No Bet Builders.
  • Limited payment options.


Betting site founders who have previously enjoyed huge success in the world of betting beforehand are pretty likely to succeed the second time round, as well.

So, it’s perhaps no surprise that since being launched in 2015 Kwiff has turned into a big success story on the back of its unique marketing initiatives. After all, its founders Anders Ström and Karl Engström had done it all before when creating Unibet, one of the best, best-known and most profitable sports betting sites ever launched.

Kwiff began just a mobile betting app before also adding a desktop version of the site at a later date and offers a casino product in addition to its Sportsbooks, famous for its Kwiffed bets.

With its distinctive purple and white colours, streamlined product and inventive advertising campaigns, it’s already made a strong mark on the UK online betting market.

Kwiff Sign Up offer

In this Kwiff Sports review, it’s time to talk about the Kwiff sign-up offer.

Given the USP of Kwiff is never knowing what’s coming up next, you won’t be too surprised to learn that their welcome offer very much embraces this concept, as well.

When you place a qualifying bet of £10 at odds of 1.5 or greater, you’ll be awarded with a free £20 bet. So far, so normal.

But the ‘catch’ or ‘surprise element’ is that you don’t know what the bet will be placed on; it’s a Suprise Bet. In fact, no-one knows what it will be on to begin with and you’ll have to wait until the Kwiff algorithm decides what to place it on before you know yourself.

It could be on any sport and at any odds; it’s the ‘machine’ that will decide.

The bet will then be settled as per usual. If it goes on to win, you’ll receive any winnings from it, free of wagering requirements, though the £20 stake isn’t included in your pay out.

Notable terms and conditions

  • Your qualifying bet must be for at least £10, at odds of 1.5 or greater and can be on any sport.
  • The £20 surprise free bet will be credited to you within 48 hours of the qualifying bet being settled.
  • Potential winnings from the Surprise Bet don’t include the stake but are paid out in cash, so can be withdrawn without being subject to any wagering requirements.

How to claim the Welcome Offer

  • Register an account at Kwiff and make a deposit for at least £
  • Place a qualifying bet of at least £10 at odds of at least 1.5 on any sport.
  • Wait for your Surprise Bet to be credited.
  • Receive your winnings free of wagering requirements and use them as you wish.

Registering an account

  • Click on the Join button at the top right-hand side of the homepage.
  • Start by entering your mobile number and click ‘Send code’ (circled in red).
  • Enter the 4-digit security code sent to your mobile in the box (circled in blue).
  • Enter your e-mail address.
  • Choose and confirm a password for your account.
  • Tick the first box; tick the second if you want to receive news of offers by e-mail or SMS.
  • Click Next. kwiff registration process screenshot
  • Provide any additional information that may be asked of you.
  • Enter the promo code (if requested) in the box in order to receive the Welcome Offer.

Ongoing Kwiff Promotions

Let’s look at Kwiff promotions. In keeping with their love of doing things differently, some of them are pretty unique.

Kwiffed bets

If you were to pick out one element of Kwiff that’s unique and makes it stand out from the crowd, it’s this one right here.

At any time, any bet, on any sport, at any odds, can get ‘Kwiffed’. This means the Kwiff algorithm selects a particular bet based on its mood and randomly increases the odds at which the bet is placed.

For example: you choose to place a £10 bet on Spurs to beat Everton at 2.2, Kwiff may decide your bet should be ‘Kwiffed’. The stake will stay the same, but the bet may be Kiwffed to odds of 2.5, 4.0, 10.0 or even 40.0. In fact, bets can be Kwiffed, or supercharged if you prefer, to up to 50x their original odds.

This could apply to singles or accumulators and it’s worth pointing out that the sports, odds or stake are irrelevant; all bets are randomly Kwiffed so you’ll never know when this might be about to happen.

Winnings from Kwiffed bets are free of wagering requirements.

First past the post

If you place a horseracing bet and your horse wins, only to be disqualified or demoted at a later time, don’t worry.

Kwiff will pay out on horses that were ‘first past the post’ (crossed the line first at the time).

But they’ll also pay out on the horse who was promoted to the win, so you get the best of both worlds.

Horseracing Money Back

Every day Kwiff will choose a UK racing meeting where this offer will be available.

If your horse finishes second to the Starting Price favourite, you’ll be awarded a Surprise Bet to the value of your bet (up to £10) the following business day.

After that, the Surprise Bet will work in the same way as it always does.

Cricket Mania

It’s not often Sportsbooks have promos that are specific to cricket, so it’s certainly very refreshing that Kwiff have chosen to go down this route.

In the Cricket Mania offer, customers are invited to place bets for at least £10 on the team top batsman market for the England-based ‘The Hundred’ cricket tournament.

If the batsman scores 50 runs or more, the customer is credited with 50 free spins on the featured slot of the week, within 72 hours of the cricket match finishing.

The free spins are of course in addition to the bet itself.

So, if a customer backed Alex Hales to be his team’s top batsman and he scored 60 runs, top scoring in the process, the customer would be paid out on their bet in addition to getting the 50 free spins.

Customers need to enter the e-mail address associated to their account to opt-in.

Kwiff Betting Markets and bet types

You’ve surely understood by now what Kwiff is all about so it’s perhaps not that surprising that they don’t offer as many sports as some competitors.

So rather than 40 or 50, they have 16-18 different Kwiff betting sports available.

eSports are a noticeable absentee and they’d be well-advised to add them to their portfolio of sports. But other than that, all the main ones are there.

Compared to what some of the other betting sites these days are offering in terms of sports and markets within those sports, you could say the offering is quite streamlined.

By that we mean all the top sports like football, tennis, horse racing, cricket, golf and US sports are all there and they of course have the most popular markets on each of those.

But taking football as an example, you won’t find the stats-based markets like shots on target, offsides, or number of fouls committed by different players.

But that’s not the end of the world; most people want to bet on the same markets time and again anyway.

Here’s a summary of some of the best features across their biggest sports.

Sport Major competitions covered Good features
Football Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, Champions League, Europa League, Ligue 1, FIFA World Cup, Euros, Copa Libertadores.
  • Almost every professional football league in the world is available here, including the Bahrain League, the German Fourth Division and the Second Division from Japan and South Korea.
  • Betting available on women’s leagues from the likes of England, Argentina and Brazil.
  • Useful top-line information such as
  • Head-to-head record, current standings, recent line-ups and the team’s top scorers.
  •  Calendar feature displays all the matches coming up, nicely sorted by the day they’ll be played.
Tennis AT Tour, WTA Tour, Challenger Tour, Davis Cup, Ante-post Grand Slam markets.
  • In-game graphics display what’s going on, include a written top-line live commentary and real-time stats such as break point conversion percentage.
  • Cover all Challenger Events as well as ATP and WTA ones.
  • Easy to see all ongoing matches and their live scores in one place.
Horseracing All UK and Ireland daily races, Cheltenham Festival, Aintree Festival.
  • Each horse race has a countdown timer showing you how many minutes and seconds remain till the next race goes off.
  • First Past the Post and Money Back promos could make a big difference in the long run.



Kwiff Betting Odds

So how are the Kwiff betting odds?

Not great, we’re afraid.

Taking football matches as an example, the house edge on the match winner market on games we looked at was around the 15-16% mark. To put that into context, the Betfair Sportsbook margin was around the 5-6% mark on those same games; so, you can see that we’re talking about significant differences here.

The conclusion to reach is that all those bets that are Kwiffed or those that are Surprise Bets are coming at a cost to the customer: the cost of the odds on regular bets being considerably lower than at other bookies.

And therein lies the decision for punters: you can have higher odds. Or you get the chance to have your bets hugely boosted, or free ones awarded to you at any stage.

Kwiff Betting Features

Now is the time in this Kwiff betting review where we consider the special features that set them apart from other sites, the things that enhance your whole experience here.

Supercharged Cash Out

Let’s start by looking at the second part of the above: Cash Out. It’s available here the same away as it’s available on most other betting sites, allowing you to take a profit on bets that are still running, before the event has finished.

But we can assure you that the first part of the above is truly unique. In true Kwiff style, they’ll occasionally pay out more on a Cashed Out bet than what you were meant to receive. As ever, it’s totally random as to when this might happen.

Surprise Bets

This could just as easily fall under the ‘promo’ section as the ‘features’ one, but we decided to include it in this part. So, here’s how it works.

Instead of odds on a bet you chose yourself being randomly boosted, sometimes Kwiff will place a Surprise Bet on your behalf. When this happens, the bet can be found in the customers’ ‘Cash Out’ or ‘My Bets’ section of the app.

So similar to the Welcome Offer Surprise Bet but with the added advantage that it could happen at any time and could happen endless times.  It could be at any odds, on any sport, for any amount.

Just like with the Kwiffed bets, it’s totally random as to when a Surprise Bet could be awarded as it’s just determined by the Kwiff algorithm.

As an extra bonus, Surprise Bets could even be Kwiffed themselves.

Kwiff Mobile App

The Kwiff betting app is available on both Android and iOS.

For more info on downloading betting apps, visit our mobile betting app page.

The app is pretty good: quick, easy to use, sleek and any Kwiffed bets or Surprise Bets will set off a notification on the app, so you always know when they’ve been awarded to you.

Unlike most bookies, they actually launched the mobile app first and the desktop version second. So, you can see where their priorities lay and why it’s no surprise that the app is of a high quality.

Kwiff Customer Support

In a bid to reduce the need for direct communication between customers and human Customer Service agents, they’ve made a load of different FAQs available.

They do however work a bit differently. Rather than seeing all the available FAQs laid out from the off and divided into different categories, clicking on FAQs will take you to a window resembling a Live Chat window. Here you type in a word or actual question and relevant FAQs will then pop up; choose the one you’re after.

If that doesn’t end the matter, you can get in touch with CS via Live Chat or e-mail; they don’t currently have a phone service available.

Deposit/Withdrawal Options

In keeping with Kwiff-style, there aren’t a huge number of options when it comes to depositing and withdrawing.

At the time we checked, they’d just added Trustly to their list of options which was a good move and perhaps a sign that their plan is to gradually add more and more as they go along, rather than having started out with a load and leaving it at that.

But by offering the usual cards and a couple of the more popular e-wallets, they’re at least giving customers options that most customers can work with.

But they’re going to have to add a few more going forward with Google Pay, Apple Pay and maybe Neteller the next ones they should be looking at.

Withdrawal times are pretty much on par with industry averages.

Method Minimum deposit Deposit Time Minimum withdrawal Withdrawal Time
VISA/Maestro £10 Instant £10 2-5 business days.
PayPal £10 Instant £10 Up to 48 hours
Mastercard £10 Instant £10 2-5 business days.
Trustly £10 Instant £10 Up to 48 hours

Kwiff in the Media

Kwiff partner up with RMG

Kwiff have signed an agreement with Racecourse Media Group (RMG) that will allow Kwiff customers to have access to live streaming of high-quality UK and Irish Racing TV content.

Customers will now be able to watch the races they’ve bet on and have a more immersive experience at Kwiff.

There are over 1200 race meetings a year from the likes of Epsom, Goodwood, York and Leopardstown and Kwiff customers will be able to watch all of them.

Nick Mills, CCO of RMG said: “We welcome Kwiff to our portfolio of data customers, who will have access to some of the best racing in the world. We look forward to working closely together to grow engagement.”


Kwiff Sport UK Betting Review


It is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission which we consider to be the most trusted and respected of the gambling licenses. But in addition to that, it also holds the Malta Gaming Authority license.

Kwiff has made a name for itself as a Sportsbook where any bet can be instantly and randomly ‘supercharged’, meaning that the betting site can randomly increase the odds at which a bet was placed.  But it also has a casino product that features slots, RNG-powered table and Live Casino games managed by Evolution. There are separate welcome offers for the Sportsbook and casino.