Cricket Betting Sites UK: A Comprehensive Guide for Online Sports Bettors (2023)

Cricket is one of the sports that people first started betting on. There’s good evidence to suggest that in the UK, as far back as the 17th century, wealthy landlords took great pleasure in challenging rival landlords to form the best cricket team they could out of members of the villages they presided over. They then played each other, with serious cash at stake

In fact, the theory goes that cricket is unlikely to have evolved as quickly and seriously as it did over the next few centuries if the betting element to it hadn’t been present. It's never easy to be fully confident about the popularity of a particular sport in the UK compared to others because those numbers will vary from bookmaker to bookmaker and ever-changing trends. But a 2023 study by YouGov looked at what sports punters in the UK had bet on at least once over the past 12 months. Football (70% of punters) was considerably ahead with horseracing second (55%), and golf (15%), boxing (14%) and tennis (13%) just marginally ahead of cricket. Making it the sixth-most popular sport in the UK based on that metric.

What’s not up for debate is that any betting site focused on the UK market will offer cricket betting. And with increased TV coverage, sponsorship, live streaming and new T20 franchise leagues popping up all the time, it’s very much a sport on the up and it will surely overtake some of those sports ahead of it now, in the near future.

So, whether you’re taking your first steps in cricket betting or already bet on it with one site, you’ll surely want to know which are the top cricket betting sites in the UK. We’ve gone in search of the very best cricket betting sites and are about to explain why they stand out, how they compare to each other, any special cricket bonuses on offer you should know about, and which just provide the best all-round experience.

Cricket betting
James Pacheco
Author, Betting enthusiast

November 14, 2023

James started working in the betting industry a few weeks before Roger Federer won his first-ever Grand Slam and a few months before Greece shocked Europe’s elite at Euro 2004.

Our Pick – 5 best cricket betting sites (2023)

After carrying out extensive research, we have decided that the following should come into consideration when assessing where to place a boxing bet online. They all meet our strict performance criteria, including security, banking options, and quality of odds available.

  1. Ladbrokes
  2. 888Sport
  3. Betfair
  4. Spreadex
  5. Sky Bet

Ladbrokes Cricket Betting

As we often say here at Punter’s Pub, if you just wanted to open the one betting account, Ladbrokes should make your shortlist.

That’s because they do everything very professionally and thoroughly and their cricket betting product is no exception.

One of the highlights is the sheer number of markets you can bet on both pre-match and in live betting. That includes lots of stats-based markets on individual players and also head-to-head markets among players, which not all betting sites have.

They also make a considerable effort to always have the Outright markets open as long as possible, the exception being when teams featured in it are currently in action.

Their odds are good across the board and it’s hard to pick many flaws in their overall cricket offering.

  • Lots of stats-based player markets.
  • Good for cricket live betting.
  • Occasional cricket-related article on their blog.
  • Competitive odds.
  • Don’t offer matches from slightly more obscure competitions.

888Sport Cricket Betting

888 won’t necessarily appeal to the hardcore cricket punter used to having dozens of even hundreds of different markets to choose from, from the obvious ones like match winner and top batsman, to how many runs a particular player will score or what day a Test match will end.

Nor will the seasoned cricket gambler find all the matches they want to bet on always available here.

All of which means 888 have a pretty streamlined cricket product where the main six or seven markets are available on the biggest matches but where there’s not much beyond that.

It’s somewhat typical of a site who knows how much time and effort they should dedicate to each sport and feel that though they should offer cricket, it’s not a big priority for them.

Still, if you want to stick to the cricket betting basics, you can do so here.

  • Occasionally offer the best odds on the biggest games.
  • £5 free bet awarded once a day when you pick a cricket winner at 4/1 or greater.
  • Decent welcome offer can be used on cricket.
  • Useful content explaining how cricket betting and cricket betting markets work.
  • Occasionally offer the best odds on the biggest games.
  • £5 free bet awarded once a day when you pick a cricket winner at 4/1 or greater.
  • Decent welcome offer can be used on cricket.
  • Useful content explaining how cricket betting and cricket betting markets work.

Betfair Cricket Betting

If some of the cricket betting sites so far have been found wanting in one area or another, the same can’t be said of Betfair.

Let’s start by recalling that at Betfair you can use both the Sportsbook and the Exchange under the same account.

On the Sportsbook, every match of any importance is offered, with lots of different markets, and good odds. You also have the ability to request your own markets, a fine Bet Builder product allowing you to secure profits on bets before the game is over and also an impressive in-play product where odds are quickly updated, rather than the market staying suspended for a long time.

They also offer live streaming from selected tournaments such as The Big Bash and the CPL.

For a different type of cricket betting, there’s the Exchange. You’ll always secure higher odds on the match-winner market than on the Sportsbook and can trade your way to guaranteed profits by backing and laying at various points as the odds fluctuate.

All of which makes Betfair very much the one-stop-shop for betting on cricket.

  • Two excellent products under one account.
  • All games of any importance covered.
  • Trade your way to profits on the Exchange.
  • Sportsbook has all the markets you’d want to bet on.
  • Live streaming of selected matches.
  • Excellent written and audio (podcast) cricket content including top cricket betting tips.
  • Odds Boosts available on all the main matches.
  • Only Odds Boosts as ongoing cricket promos.

Spreadex Cricket Betting

Few sports are as made-for-spread-betting as cricket, where team runs, extras, player wickets or player runs provide the perfect opportunity to buy or sell, each of them.

The nice thing about Spreadex is that you can either go down the more complex and riskier route of spread betting, or just stick to the simpler and less risky cricket fixed odds markets by just using their Sportsbook.

However, customers should be reminded that you’ll need to open separate accounts to take part in spread betting and fixed odds betting at Spreadex.

An interesting element of cricket betting at Spreadex is how they cover matches well beyond the international and more high-profile stuff, including the up-and-coming T10 format, from Europe and the likes of Trinidad.


  • Bet on spread betting or fixed odds betting on the same site.
  • Bet on matches from obscure leagues.
  • Live scorecards available within the betting markets.
  • Decent guide to cricket spread betting on their blog.


  • No fixed odds markets beyond match winner. So no top batsman, top bowler, player of the match etc.
  • No cricket Odds Boosts.

Sky Bet Cricket Betting

A good example of a site fully focused on the UK market so it’s no surprise that they take cricket betting seriously over on their site.

That said, and this is a theme you’ll find time and again in this review of cricket betting sites in the UK, they don’t have much in the way of promos – whether as welcome offers or ongoing promos – that specifically revolve around cricket.

That is, with the exception of Odds Boosts. If you navigate to the cricket section, the site displays all the current Boosts going, sorted by event/tournament.

And if you think a particular bet you like isn’t currently available, you can use RequestABet to ask for it. For example, for the upcoming Ashes there were over 60 different RequestABet markets requested by other punters, filtered by their respective odds. You can request bets yourself, which can be somewhat obvious, or not so much, such as: Steve Smith to score the most runs + Olly Robinson to take the most England wickets (13/2).


  • Decent number of cricket Odds Boosts.
  • Use RequestABet to ask for any market you like.
  • Each-way betting on Outrights.
  • Player of the match betting.


    • No cricket-specific promos beyond Odds Boosts.

How to choose the best cricket betting site?

When looking at the top cricket betting sites, it’s a good idea to divide things into two: the important features of the betting site as a whole and how it fares when it comes to the cricket-specific features on it. Here’s a summary of what we consider most important:

Betting site as a whole

Betting site as a whole What we look for
Payment Options As varied as possible; as many as possible. Instant deposits and fast withdrawals, preferably without fees.
Customer Support Different methods of reaching CS such as Live Chat, phone, e-mail and social media; knowledgeable and efficient agents. Good supply of FAQs a plus.
License Hold a valid license with the UK Gambling Commission one of the best.
Welcome Offer Generous and flexible as to how you can use it.
Promotions and bonuses Regular and giving you real value.
Sports offered The more, the better.
User experience A well-designed site, doesn’t crash, and everything is easy to find.

Cricket betting features

Cricket betting features What we look for
Lots of matches from tournaments all around the world. The more, the better.
Generous odds Both pre-match and in-play compared to the rest of the market.
Variety of markets Such as Player stats-based markets, top batsman, top bowler, man of the match.
Livestreaming Available on selected leagues with short time delays in terms of pictures.
Cricket betting app Easy to download, works well, fast, intuitive and available on both iOS and Android.
Cricket content Blogs, podcasts or cricket betting tips worth reading or listening to.

The last few years has seen a big increase in the number of cricket betting markets available ahead of the biggest matches, with the most obvious area being when it comes to markets revolving around player stats.

But the old ones are still for the most part, the most popular.

Here’s the pick of them.  For detailed explanation about cricket side markets click here

Match Winner

Who will win the game? Remember that in Test cricket and First-Class cricket, there’s a draw in there as well, whereas limited-overs cricket is just a two-way market.

Toss Winner

Lots of randomness in this market but betting on who will win the toss at the start of the match remains very popular.

Top Batsman (per team)

Who will score the most runs for their team in a particular innings? Dead-heat rules apply if two or more batsmen end up on the same score.

Top Match Batsman

Similar to the above but betting on who will be the top batsman across both teams, meaning the odds on any player are generally twice as big as on the regular top batsman market.

Top Bowler

Who will take the most wickets from among the bowlers in the team? In some cases, dead-heat rules apply if two or more players take the same number of wickets. In other cases, it will go down to who conceded fewer runs when taking the same number of wickets.

Player to score a 50/100?

Will the named player (yes/no) score 50 or more, or 100 runs or more, in that particular innings?

First Innings Runs

How many runs will the team batting first score?  This is generally an over/under bet (for example, over/under 250.5 runs) but can also be divided into groups. E.g., 220-250 runs @2/1, 251-280 @3/1, 281-310 runs @ 2/1.

Man of the match betting

At the end of every match, a player is chosen as the man of the match/MOM/Player of the match for their outstanding contribution to the game. He/she generally comes from the winning side and odds on all the runners are generally at least 8/1.

Match completed?

Rain in particular but also fog or other factors can stop a cricket match from being completed. This is a straight case of betting yes/no as to whether the game will end with an official result or a ‘no result’.

In-Play Cricket Betting

Cricket matches can take two hours, three-and-half hours, nine hours, four days or five days according to the format in question.
So, plenty of time in all cases to watch some of the game before placing your bet or locking in a profit thanks to Cash Out if things are going our way.
But it’s not just on the match winner market this is the case. For example, the first innings runs market is one to play in live betting rather than pre-match when you’ve had the chance to look at how the wicket is behaving and how easy it will be to score runs.
Most pre-match markets are also available in in-play betting. Take the top batsman market. You can bet on it before the game gets underway or wait for one of the openers to make a good start before getting far bigger odds (than pre-match) on one of the middle-order batsmen.
Some betting sites also offer odds relating to every over of the game in terms of how many runs will be scored or whether a wicket will fall. Meaning you have something new to bet on every 5-6 minutes.
Remember that if you’re using the Betfair Exchange, you’ll have much greater flexibility in terms of how you bet by being able to trade different markets, especially the match-winner market.

Tips and Insights for Successful Cricket Betting

We’d be lying if we said successful cricket betting in the long run is easy.

It’s a complex game at the best of times with dozens of different factors such as weather, the wicket and run rates just three of them; and cricket betting isn’t necessarily any easier!

But just like with any other sport, there are some golden rules that if you stick to, you’ll certainly be heading in the right direction. Here are our Top 7 cricket betting tips.

  1. Always have an eye on the weather. Rain on its way, the sun being out, or gloomy and overcast conditions all radically change the game, so it’s good to know what’s coming next on the weather forecast.
  2. Listen to the TV Commentators- They’re all ex-international players who know the game as well as anyone so their views as to the current state of the game are always worth listening to.
  3. Bowlers win matches– If two sides look well-matched in all departments, ask yourself who has the better bowlers. They’re often the ones who win games, especially in Test cricket.
  4. Beware of the dew factor- In the likes of India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, there’s often dew on the grass in night games, making it harder to bowl. If there’s dew, the team bowling second is at a disadvantage.
  5. Don’t play the toss winner market- The odds of winning the toss are 50/50 yet the odds on either outcome (heads or tails) at a Sportsbook are 5/6 or around 1.85. That’s a bad bet at poor odds in any circumstances.
  6. Don’t pile in on a lost cause– This applies to any sport but it’s a bad idea to keep on backing a team in-play to win the match at increasingly big odds. You might win big if they come from nowhere to win but you’re more likely to just lose more money on a bet that was likely to lose anyway.
  7. Home advantage not everything- Home advantage used to be the single most important factor in cricket betting. But it’s not such an important factor now that so much cricket is played, and cricketers have played away at those grounds so many times before. Betting on away teams with decent records at a particular ground/country can be profitable in the long run, especially as they’re likely to be outsiders.

Major Cricket Competitions

Cricket is pretty much an all-year-round sport so you should never bet at a loss when you want to bet on it. But here are the competitions that are most worth paying attention to.

The Ashes

Played every two years and alternating between being played on English and Australian soil, it’s a five-Test Series that to these countries, means more than any other cricket event.

Home advantage has proved crucial over the last few editions in what is always a fascinating contest.


By far the biggest, richest and loudest T20 franchise event in the world, the Indian Premier League generally takes place in India between April and May, though on occasion it has been held in South Africa or the UAE.

It’s contested by ten franchise teams and features all of the top Indian players, plus the cream of the world’s best non-Indian players, who are happy to play on the biggest stages for the biggest bucks.

IPL Official Site

T20 World Cup

Normally held every two years, there have so far been eight editions of it with six different winners; England and the West Indies have both won it twice. Defending champions England will head to the West Indies/USA in 2024 to defend their title.

T20 World Cup Official Site

ODI World Cup

Played over 50 overs rather than (T)20, this one has been around since 1975 with Australia the most successful side with five wins; the West Indies and India each have two. The next one will be in 2023 with India as hosts.

ODI World Cup Official Site

Cricket Jargon Terms You Need to Know

Cricket as a sport has very much its own language. But here are some of the most important terms when it comes to betting on it.

  • A belter- A very good wicket to bat on.
  • Par score– An estimate of the number of runs the team batting first is expected to score.
  • Super Over– A one-off over for each side played to decide the winner when the scores are tied after 20 overs each.
  • A dolly– A simple catch that was dropped.
  • Mystery spinner- A spin bowler who can put multiple types of spin on the ball.
  • DRS (Decision Review System)- Similar to VAR in football, it’s the use of technology to look back at incidents and reverse decisions if necessary.
  • A duck– A batsman getting out for zero.
  • Good toss to lose– A situation where it’s not obvious whether batting or bowling first is best and the captain doesn’t mind losing the toss.
  • Hawkeye– The technology that predicts whether the ball would have gone into hit the stumps on LBW decisions.

Bottom Line On Cricket Betting

Cricket is roughly the fifth or sixth most popular sport to bet on in the UK at the moment, but the signs are that it will become even more popular than that over the next year or so.

Betting on international cricket has always been popular enough but the emergence of T20 franchise leagues all over the world, from India to the Caribbean, England to Afghanistan, has taken betting interest on it to the next level. The IPL in particular has become one of the biggest sporting events to bet on in the world, across any sport.

Increased TV coverage and live streaming has made it easier to watch and so the top cricket betting sites in the UK have worked hard to offer betting on more matches, added extra cricket betting markets and adapted products like Cash Out to work for cricket, as well.


Test matches are only played at international level and can last up to five days. 50-over cricket can be played domestically or internationally (ODIs) and lasts about nine hours a game with a maximum of 50 overs for each side to bat. T20 is played domestically or internationally (T20Is) and lasts about six and a half hours. Recently, an even shorter format - T10 – has been developed; the shortest format of all.

Of course. The IPL is the biggest T20 franchise tournament in the world and betting on it every year in the spring is big business with all the best cricket betting sites offering lots of markets on all the matches.

Match winner, to win the toss, top batsman, top bowler and man of the match are all among the most popular cricket betting markets.


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