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July 2, 2023

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Ex-Manchester United legend says it needs more than Harry Kane for them to challenge for the Premier League title

Former Manchester United and treble winning striker Andy Cole told Punters.Pub in an exclusive interview that to complete for the Premier League title next season it won’t just take the signing of Harry Kane.  Cole Said “Bringing one player into score goals is not going to win you the league. ultimately, he (Kane) would make Manchester United better, but I’m not going to buy into that.”

The former Manchester United striker also commented on the potential signing of Mason Mount and said “Would Manchester City look to bring in a player like Mason Mount to made them better? And that’s the way you got to look at things. You got to look at players and say, right, would Man City try and buy this player? Because if you’re going to close the gap, you can’t be buying players that are not going to improve you. Now, that’s the way I look at things”. Andy Cole was keen to say that for Manchester United to compete for the Premier League title they need to bring in the type of player that Manchester City would bring into their squad.

When talking specifically about Mason Mount, Cole was quick to say “For him not to be getting in the Chelsea team. You turn around, and say to yourself, why? Because it’s not as if Chelsea are pulling up any trees”.

Don’t just blame De Gea for Man City 2nd Goal

Reviewing the FA Cup Final defeat to Manchester City; Cole wasn’t looking to blame David De Gea for the 2nd goal but to look at the whole team in general. Cole said “Before the free kick is actually taken, to have a player of his quality on the edge of the box free, that tells me a lot, because when you got that kind of quality, you cannot have an individual on the edge of the box free like that. To be able to get a volley in the first 10 seconds, and they got one nil up. So why would you give him the opportunity to do it again”

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Man City to do the Treble this weekend

Looking at the possibility of Manchester City doing the treble this weekend Cole believes they will achieve the feat and emulate his 1999 Side: Cole shared “if Man City go up early doors, I can see them cruising it out. If Inter stick their heels in, anything could happen late on. It’s one of those kinds of games because Inter Milan is so rigid and they have put in some real good performances.” Pushed for a score prediction Cole went for a 1-0 Manchester City win.

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Cole is a fan of Ange Postecoglou but Spurs Manager role is a poison chalice.

Reviewing the talks of Spurs appointing Ange Postecoglou, Andy Cole was keen to point out “I like Ange, I think he’s really good, but spurs are in dire straits and whoever goes to spurs as a manager, I don’t think even Harry Hudini could help him. Spurs is becoming a little bit of a poison chalice. They don’t win anything. They keep talking about winning things and they keep getting further and further away from the truth. So if he goes there, I wish him all of the best . I think he’s a really good manager”.

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No surprise at the racism in La Liga

Speaking with Andy Cole about the racism that Vinicius Jr received recently in La Liga, he wasn’t surprised by this at all. Cole shared “Am I surprised things like that happen? No, I’m not surprised in La Liga. Especially after the head of La Liga comes out. Those comments, he’s basically saying it’s ok to do it”.

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